Peer Support For Real Wealth

We are a growing circle of natural health, peer support, and community wellness practitioners. We co-create cooperative housing to preserve homes & land from gentrification in perpetuity.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where everyone has the well being resources they need, with an affordable home being the foundation of health & resilience.

Our mission is to make diverse wellness services more accessible, promote practitioners, share prosperity, joy, and self care culture. We believe that in every neighborhood, on every block, there are people with valuable lived experiences who lead, guide, and help everyday.

How You Can Play With Us

invest in you

By using the cooperative land ownership model we can pool our resources. We can own more and have an ownership stake in the development process of our neighborhoods. We can co-create wealth for ourselves and others in healing and helping modalities.

skill exchange

You are a Survivor/ Thriver with unique experiences to share. Get involved today by becoming a member. Sign up and you will be joining a circle of leading edge thinkers, a manifestors’ network, strong enough to allow positive change.


Your gift of time or funds will help offer local education opportunities about cooperative housing, the best vehicle for affordable housing. You can make a difference today by signing up.


What People Say

Holistics  provides us with rich continuing education opportunities. I feel well informed about our direction, as well as technical assistance resources as I grow my understanding of community assets. H.C. just gets it! Success is seeing others do well, and if I’ve helped, that’s a bonus. Everybody wins.

Melissa | Herbal ATX | Austin, TX

I deeply believe in the Holistics Collaborative Vision. With great sensitivity and kindness, they effortlessly share discoveries on their journey, and are masterful at holding space for others to do the same.

Leah | Shifa Consulting | Arlington, VA

Shout Outs

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Co-Create Your Vision Here

With the aim of learning and building community love as much as we can, collaboration ideas are always welcome. Please contact us for more info.